The Cessna AT-17 Bobcat was a twin-engined advanced trainer aircraft designed and made in the United States, and used during World War II to bridge the gap between single-engined trainers and twin-engined combat aircraft. The AT-17 was powered by two Jacobs R-755-9 radial piston engines. The commercial version was the Model T-50, from which the AT-17 was developed.

Museum of Aviation (Warner Robins)

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Ausgestellt im Scott Exhibit Hangar (WW2) Hangar 3

Cessna UC-78B Bobcat & B-29B
Cessna UC-78B Bobcat
& Boeing B-29B Superfortress im Hintergrund

Cessna UC-78B Bobcat Cessna UC-78B Bobcat

Lone Star Flight Museum

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Cessna T-50
Cessna T-50
AT-17 / UC-78


AllgemeinTechnische Daten: AT-17
Role: five-seat light transport
Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company
First flight: March 26, 1939 (T-50)
Primary users: United States Army Air Forces; Royal Canadian Air Force; United States Navy
Number built: 5.400+
Besatzung: Pilot + Vier
Länge: 9.98 m; Spannweite: 12.78 m; Höhe: 3.02 m
Leergewicht: 1.588 kg; Bruttogewicht: 2.585 kg; max. Abfluggewicht: 2.750 kg
Triebwerke: 2 × Jacobs R-755-9 seven-cylinder, air-cooled, radial piston engine, je 245 PS (183 kW)