The Aeronca K series, Aeronca Chief, Aeronca Super Chief, Aeronca Tandem, Aeronca Scout, Aeronca Sea Scout, Aeronca Champion and Aeronca Defender were a family of American high-winged light touring aircraft, designed and built from the late 1930s.

Chanute Air Museum

Aeronca 65-LB Super Chief (N34496, c/n L-14881)

Aeronca 65-LB
1941 Aeronca 65-LB

Aeronca 65-LB
1941 Aeronca 65-LB


Allgemein: Model 65CATechnische Daten
Role: Civil utility aircraft
National origin: United States of America (USA)
Hersteller: Aeronca
Erstflug: 1937
Produktionszeit: 1936 to 1949
Stückzahl: ca 13.700
Unit cost: $1.695 in 1939 (50C Chief)
Developed from: Aeronca C
Variants: Aeronca K; Aeronca L-3; Aeronca 11 Chief; Aeronca Champion; Aeronca 50 Chief; Aeronca Defender
Crew: 1; Capacity: 1 passenger
Länge: 6.4 m; Spannweite: 11 m; Höhe: 2.01 m
Maximum speed: 175 km/h
Service ceiling: 4.600 m
Rate of climb: 3.0 m/s
Powerplant: 1× Continental A-65 four-cylinder, air-cooled horizontally-opposed piston aircraft engine, 65 hp (48 kW)